Temagami - Te-mee-ay-gaming


from the Land of Deep Water

rabbit island in fog
Far in the grim Northwest beyond the lines
That turn the rivers eastward to the sea,
Set with a thousand islands, crowned with pines,
Lies the deep water, wild Temagami:
Wild for the hunter's roving, and the use
Of trappers in its dark and trackless vales,
Wild with the trampling of the giant moose,
And the weird magic of old Indian tales.
All day with steady paddles toward the west
Our heavy-laden long canoe we pressed:
All day we saw the thunder-travelled sky
Purpled with storm in many a trailing tress,
And saw at eve the broken sunset die
In crimson on the silent wilderness.
Archibald Lampman

Gitche Manito, the mighty,
Mitchy Manito, the bad:
In the breast of every Redman,
in the dust of every dead man,
There is a tiny heap of Gitche
And a mighty mound of Mitche-
There's the good and there's the bad.

It is time to listen to Aboriginal people. It is time to appreciate our spirituality, to hear our cries and see our oppresion, and to share it. It is time to respect and honour our spirituality completely and without reservation - just as we are willing to respect your roots."
~The Reverend Djiniyini Gondara, Australian Aboriginal Writer

"If we try to understand and sensibly appreciate Native myth and legend we must be willing, first of all, to accept that there is involved here a very special way of 'seeing the world'. Secondly, and a necessary further step, we must make an attempt to 'participate' in this way of seeing."
"There seems to be a vital link, then, for the Ojibwa, between mythical times and the present. In fact, it might be said that mythical times become present when we approach the realm of the sacred through the dream of the vision quest. Perhaps this can be expressed as simultaneous realities. What we have called mythical time is eternally present, and it occurs simultaneously with our present."

James Dumont, an Anishinaabe scholar

"Our myths and legends have told us that a time would come when our wisdom was needed to save the planet and we believe that time is now."
Native Elders through a book by Anne Wilson Schaef: "Native Wisdom for White Minds".

History:    Ancient meteorite impact

History:    Creation of Temagami and Misabi

Cy Warman

Tale:     How God made TEMAGAMI

Tale:     Weiga of TEMAGAMI


Aleck Paul, second Chief of Timagami band

recorded by Dr. F.Speck in 1913

Tale:   Family Hunting Territories of Timagami Band

Tale:   Iroquois painted pictures in the rocks on river and lake shores

Grace Rajnovich, a researcher and writer:

Tale:  Tale of O-bawb-ika Lake's Pictograph

Madeline Theriault, Temagami Elder:

Tale: David (Old) Missabie came from where it is now Toronto Tale:  Old Missabie - a medicine  man Tale:  Use of fire

Michael Paul, Bill Twain

Tale:   Oral history relating to the Iroquois: Temagami River Fight, Lake Temagami Chase and Battle, Rabbit Lake Fight, Stinking Islands Battle, Island Lookout Pits, Temagami Island Indian Burial Ground, Wabun Pits Site

Alex Mathias (Misabi), Elder of Temagami First Nation

Tale:   How map of Family Hunting Territories of Timagami Band was drawn.

Tale:   How Old Missabie shut down operations of a logging camp

Tale:   Iroquois battles and lookout pits

Evidence presented by Teme-Augama Anishnabai in Bear island Foundation vs Attorney General for Ontario trial during Land Claim process

plate   Sacred places of Teme-Augama Anishnabai.

plate   Nanabush Footprints.

plate   Scroll Cave.

plate   Devil's Armchair.


Tale:   Timagami Folk-Lore

Tale:   Tale of Obabika Lake Tale:   Origin of Constellation Fishing Star (Ursa Major aka Big Dipper) Tale:  Young Loon Tale:  The Giant Pike Tale:  Marry a Star Tale:  Lynx and His Two Wives Tale:  Story of Seal Rock Tale:  Rabbit, Lynx and Fisher Tale:  Snaring the Sun Tale:  Stinker Tale:  The Origin of Snakes Tale:  The Origin of Bats Tale:  Muskrat Warns the Beaver Tale:  Story of a Hunter Tale:  Story of a Fast Runner Tale:  Story of a Hunter and Seven Deer

More stories to appear!...


Nenebuc (Nanabojou, Manabozho), the Transformer

Tale:   The Magic Birth of Nenebuc and His Four Brothers

Tale:   Nenebuc Tempers the Wind

Tale:   Nenebuc Starts Travelling, Changes the Colour of the Partridge Family, and Originates Rock Tripe from his Scabs for the Benefit of the People

Tale:   Nenebuc Prepears a Feast and Gets Caught Between Two Trees, While the Animals Receive a Distribution of Fat

Tale:   Nenebuc Gets Caught in the Bear's Skull

Tale:   Nenebuc Wounds the Giant Lynx, Disguises Himself in a Toad's Skin, and Finally Slays Her

Tale:   The Giant Lynx causes the World Flood and Gathers the Animals on a Raft; Muskrat Dives for Earth, which Nenebuc Transforms into a New World

Tale:   Nenebuc Sends Crow Out, for Disobedience Changes Him Black and Gull Partly Black, then Retires to the West, until he Will Return Again

Walking west

Standing Hawkheaddress

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Dr. F.Speck,Anthropological series / Geological Survey of Canada: Memoir 70, Memoir 71 at York University Library; Toronto Public Library; Elders of Temagami First Nation.

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