Tales of The Deep-Water Land  

Lynx and His Two Wives

There was a time when Lynx had two wives, the one a Rabbit and the other a Marten. The three lived in a wigwam. At this time Lynx drove beaver during the winter time. Rabbit was a very good hunter. But Lynx this winter had very poor luck and they became very hungry. Lynx beat his wives because they couldn't find the beaver. He said to them, "If you don't get some beaver for me I'll eat both of you." At this they became very much frightened. So Rabbit went to a beaver place, and putting a stick in the hole, she left a beaver in it. Then Rabbit went home and told Marten, and they both were glad to get a beaver and save their lives. Then they both went back to the hole. While Rabbit was pulling the beaver out of the hole and had hold of his hind quarters, Lynx came along and tickled Rabbit, so that she let go and the beaver escaped. Lynx was bent on mischief. He said, "If you don't get some beaver, I'll kill you tonight."

Rabbit and Marten went home and burrowed a tunnel in the snow, inside the wigwam. Then they both went into a hole to hide and closed the hole behind them. When Lynx reached home, he was unable to find his wives, but he knew they were somewhere near. So he began to pull up his balls inside of him and began dancing. He said to himself, "When they hear this funny thing, they will laugh." Pretty soon Marten laughed, and Lynx, digging her out of the hole, killed and ate her. Soon he grew hungry and tried the same trick. But Rabbit was very much afraid and would not laugh. Lynx kept on doing this for some time and finally gave up. He sat near the fire and cut his belly open, taking out some of his intestines which he roasted and ate. At last, when he had eaten all his intestines, he came to his heart. When he pulled at this, "Huk,huk!" it made a noise. At last he jerked and pulled at it so hard that he died. This is the end. But all grand-children of Lynx have testicles as they are today.

the End
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