Tales of The Deep-Water Land  

Story of Seal Rock in lake Temagami

Once upon a time, on a small island in Lake Temagami, some people went ashore, and one of the women left her baby in a cradle-board on a rock, while she went a short distance off. When she came back, the baby was gone; it had been taken by a big manitu (magic) seal who lived in a rock and he had taken the child inside with him. The child's father was also a manitu, so he began burrowing and digging into the rock for his baby and he dug a channel. This hole is there yet. When he reached the baby, it was dead, and the seal was gone. It had dived and crossed two miles under water to Seal island and gone into a big rock there. He dove and followed, as he was mi`te' and came to the big rock where the seal had gone in. With his chisel he split the rock, but the seal escaped. The rock is there yet split down the center.

the End
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