Tales of The Deep-Water Land  

Rabbit, Lynx and Fisher

At the time of which my story speaks Lynx and Fisher had the same sharp nose and face. Fisher used to jump right through a big boulder as high as a man wheneverhe wanted to. One day he told Lynx to try to beat him and jump through. So Lynx tried to do it and smashed his face flat, as it is now. He went away very sore. Soon he met Rabbit. "Kwe,kwe," Lynx asked Rabbit, "where are you going?" Rabbit answered, "I am going to the short flat-faced country." Lynx did not understand the joke, and he let Rabbit pass.

Lynx went one and came to a stream into whose waters he looked, and saw some flints. He tried to reach some to pick them up and beheld himself in the water. He discovered how ugly he was. "I'm so ugly. That is what Rabbit meant when he met me, I'll fix him." So he went back, struck Rabbit's trail and followed him. So he followed the trail until it went into a hole in the snow under a bush. Lynx looked in and saw Rabbit sitting there, reading. He asked Rabbit, "Has anybody been passing here lately. "Hee!" Rabbit made no answer. Lynx asked this question twice and at last Rabbit spoke. "Tse, tse, it's Sunday to-day." Lynx asked the same question again and received the same reply. Then Rabbit said, "Why don't you go around and find his track?" When Lynx went around, Rabbit ran out and off. When Lynx saw him run, he chased him and caught him.

"Can you talk English?" said Lynx. "Yes," answered Rabbit. "Well, can't you talk white?" "Yes," answered Rabbit. "Well, if you dont'talk white, I'll kill you." So Rabbit had to talk white. "Well, what do you call 'fire' in English." "Waya'kabi'te' (people sitting around a fire), answered Rabbit. "how do they say 'axe' there?" "Me'matowes'ing" ("noise of chopping"). "What do you call knife?", asked Lynx. "Taya'tacki'wagis`e" ("sliced meat"), answered Rabbit. "You are a liar," said Lynx. "Ki`ningwa`zem, you are a liar." And he killed Rabbit.

the End
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