Tales from Temagami - Land of Deep Water

Snaring the Sun

There was once a boy who used to set his snares for his living. One day he saw a track where the snow was melted, and after a while he decided to set his snares there and catch the animal that made the tracks. So he set his snare and went away. That track was the sun's track, and when the sun came by next day, it got caught. The sun didn't rise the next day and there was steady darkness. The people began to be puzzled. "Where did you set your snare?" they asked him. He told them, and they went to look. There they saw the sun caught , but no one could go near enough to loosen it. A number of animals tried to do this, but they all got burned. At last the Beaver-mouse managed to cut it with his teeth and freed it. But his teeth got burned with the heat, and so they are brown to this day, but the sun is here and we have a daylight.

the End