Tales from Temagami - Land of Deep Water

Nenebuc Tempers the Wind

north west wind make waves

One summer Nenebuc was unable to get fish for the whole summer on account of the high winds. The people almost starved , and then Nenebuc became very angry. He did not like to see his grandfather starving and his anger was aroused against the West Wind for blowing so much. So he told his grandfather that he was going to kill the West Wind for this but the old man said to him, "Don't kill him. Make him let the wind blow a while and then stop, so everything will be all right, but don't kill him." "Well, I won't be long away and I'll punish my brother", replied Nenebuc.
horned manitou pictograph

So he went away and finally met his brother, the one with the two horns , who lived in the west. Nenebuc hammered him soundly with a club and broke one of the horns. This hurt him, but did not kill him. Then Nenebuc said, "Don't blow so hard anymore. You don't care for your grandfather, but I do and I fear he and the people will starve." Then he arranged things with his brother and went back. After this he went fishing and found it calm with only a little puff of wind now and then. Then the West Wind told his three brothers not to blow , for if they did Nenebuc would come and kill them. The winds became frightened at this and did not blow at all, and because of this the water grew thick and stagnant and Nenebuc was unable to fish. Then his grandfather said, "We are going to die. There is no wind and the water is bad. Did you kill the West Wind?" "No", said Nenebuc. "I will go and see him and tell him to send the wind once in a while , but not too much ". Then everything was arranged satisfactory. Shorthly after the Nenebuc's grandparents died and were heard of no more.

the End
Related by Aleck Paul, second chief of Timagami band, to Dr. Frank Speck in 1913