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Lawrence R. Twain - The Law Hawk, Traditional WorkFAIR Warrior and Co-Ordinator

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WorkFair Principles

Original Peoples Work Fair presents teachings of our Traditional Clan Mothers, Traditional Elders and Traditional Pipe Carrier to let the whole world know that our Native philosophy is still very much alive, as always. Our Clan Mothers, Clan Elders and Clan Pipe Carriers have been, since the beginning of the human race, the teachers of good living and methods of creating respect for one another.
Original Peoples Work Fair will work with agencies and organizations as a group of people who address all constitutional subjects by group conscience (gut feeling). The Higher Consciousness, or the Great Mystery, the ultimate authority, governs our group conscience. To connect with God, we need to open our conscious and subconscious mind to a Higher Consciousness, one that is available to each of us. This, in turn, produces consensus to work hand in hand with you, as a separate spiritual entity.
Original Peoples Work Fair is governed by our Clan Mothers, Clan Elders and Clan Pipe Carriers and comprises a working Truth and Executive Council from the local area representing concerned citizens.

Lawrence Twain Lawrence Twain is an Elder from Mako-minising Anishnabeg, - Deep Water People who live on a Bear island Reserve, Lake Temagami, in north-eastern Ontario, Canada. He is of the Loon clan, Algonquin family of Caya'gwog'zi ("coming up hill"), was born and raised in the Land of Deep Water - Temagami. He advocates for Traditional Healing practices to address modern day problem of homelessness and its causes through Councelling in a Purification Lodge.
After years of working for the government, being homeless on the streets of Toronto and having defeated the illnesses of alcoholism and abuse of street and prescription drugs, for last twenty years he works for the homeless people, addressing the problems of alcoholism, street drugs, and abuse of prescription drugs through the inherent Native right of self-governance to provide Traditional Teachings and Approach to heal the broken Spirit.
He resides in North Bay, Ontario but considers himself homeless until the Traditional Families of his people will be looking after and managing their Land again as they did for thousands of years, exercising their inherent right which was denied to them by Government of Ontario in Bear Island Foundation vs. Ontario case in 1984. He sees the future of Original Peoples in First Nations' Sovereignity and Self-Governance in accordance with Traditional Principles.

Lawrence Twain is the certified (Canadore College, North Bay, Canada) Native Drug and Alcohol Councellor.

Indian Nation of North America Card

INDIAN NATION OF NORTH AMERICA. The INDIAN NATION OF NORTH AMERICA was re-established in July 1945 and in 1991 to register Indian/Native persons, and to provide notice of Aboriginal RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES guaranteed to every Indian/Native person of North America.
Granted to INDIAN, INUIT, METIS persons and those naturalized to live under the tutelage of sovereign Indian Nations and Governments.

1. The right to explore whole of North America territory as hunter, fisherman or trapper; to camp where it is convinient without causing any damage to the land or occupants.
2. To be exempt from personal income or corporate or government taxes enforced by the federal, provincial, state or municipal governments established.
3. To be exempt from military service or draft for compulsory service in any war or military or police action waged by any Commonwealth or North American government.
4. To purchase and use a railway ticket or other government owned transport at half price the rate allowed; and to pass all borders and tolls (free) between and within Canada and/or the United States.
5. To receive health, medical and education services to the extent of need and talent, services to be provided and/or fully paid by respective governments.


Wisdom Wheel

Lawrence Twain
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Mythological Philosophy

from the Pilot Project for Floating Detox & Treatment Centre for Homeless Peoples:

Wisdom Wheel

wisdom wheel

"Our Wisdom Wheel represents spirituality and is located outside the Circle. The Cross within the Circle that puts our Wisdom Wheel into motion represents Jesus Christ, the Great Mystery's only begotten son, sent to mankind by the Wisdom Wheel Great Mystery. Within the Circle is the foundation of principles and help any other race of people who chooses to honor the Wisdom Wheel teachings. The Wisdom Wheel Great Mystery provides an organizational structure for the Native peoples, describing the way to lead a life of principles.
Our Wisdom Wheel produces our Traditional Purification Lodges and our Traditional Purification Circles. Within these lodges and circles, the teachings are non-political; there is no cross talk...Personal experiences are shared then; there is cross talk, which produces the organizational structure to address concerns that affect us.
The Wisdom Wheel is here to help us to help the animal people, the tree people, the water people, the winged people and the stone people. This is how the Native people share their Native philosophy based on the teachings of the Wisdom Wheel."

Mythological Philosophy: LOVE TRUTH PEACE

"What is the Mythological Philosophy of Love, Truth and Peace? Mythological Philosophy is an ancient conception of earth connection based on Love, Truth, and Peace within. Mythological Philosophy states that every entity is part of an interrelated energy of wholeness: One Body, One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit, and One Law. Myth is the creativity. Logic is the true form. Philosophy is earth law."

"Mythological Philosophy has no separation. The earth is the Mother. All life emerges from her and returns to her. Mythological Philosophy fosters family relationships. When Natives say, "all my relations", they mean all the elements: plants, animals, birds, fish, crawling creatures, and human beings. Therefore, humankind has no dominion over other earth beings."

"Since Mythological Philosophy is Earth Connection based on Love, Truth and Peace, and all life forms have a responsibility that demands self-respect, then Mythological Philosophy is the practice of interrelationships of all earth inhabitants. Thus, the axiom, "All My Relations." "All My Relations" means being endowed with Love, Truth and Peace as a legacy".

Mythological Philosophy is the Clan System of Sovereignty that provides the family image of wholeness from which there is no separation."

The Great Mystery

"Since the beginning of time each culture responded to the magnetic attraction exerted by earth harmony. People and creature beings settled in specific places where earth harmony was most compatible and comfortable to their nature and growth.

Ancient people followed their instinctive yearning by giving over to the mysterious energy that attracted them. The call this energy "The Great Mystery". They responded to this attraction intuitively, emotionally, mentally and physically. As races developed, they discovered energy sites upon which they built their special places called sanctuaries because they were energy vortexes. These sites formed a grid that linked all beings into wholeness and induced their gifts to flow unhindered throughout their world."

"The Great Mystery has provided the following words of wisdom to the Red People to share with the Black, Yellow and White People. These words produce Truth, Love and Peace for one another. These words of wisdom sets our Wisdom Wheel into motion to help those who are homeless and those who are at risk of becoming homeless, as well as those suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse."

Signature of Lawrence Twain

"Oh Great Mystery, the light of light..." - A Prayer to the Great Mystery.



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by Elder Lawrence Twain

by Elder J. Matthew Sutherland

by Elder Kevin Christmas

delivered by Elder Andi Ayotie

February 2005.

Elder Andi L. Ayotie has unexpectedly committed suicide at his home in North Bay.


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