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Mythological Philosophy
(A Way of Life)

Original Peoples Work Fair Principles and Traditions
Cross Cultural Alcoholic After Care Councelling Services
Lawrence R. Twain - The Law Hawk, Traditional WorkFAIR Warrior and Co-Ordinator
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Our Wisdom Wheel which is our traditional form of government and governance is totally separate from all other forms of government ,i.e. federal, provincial, educational, municipal and totally separate from all the forms of the government from the Pope the statesman ( lawyers of Vatican ).

The spiritual teaching of our native people are now in the process and have always been in the process of spiritually educating people who have been in RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS and also those who have been affected by the RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS.

We are sharing our Native spiritual philosophy to give balance and Truth and unity and to create unity amongst our Native people and all other Nations.

Our spiritual foundation to create employment and training comes from the Wisdom Wheel which the Great Mystery provides for all races of people.

Our traditional prerequisities to educate people with our Wisdom Wheel are as follows:
1. spiritual experiential learning
2. spiritual willingness
3. spiritual workfair principles.

With these spiritual prerequisities we will work with all other levels of governments as a separate form of government from all other governments upon mother Earth.
The government of Canada and Rome and the Pope must work with our totally separate form of our traditional governance and government to address the issues of RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS. Our traditional spiritual political government will address how we Native people will address as a totally separate form of government from Canada and Rome and the Pope.
The Great Mystery has given to all Native people who have been in RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS and also to those Native people who have been affected by RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS the Spiritual foundation to address the destruction. This is still being caused by the Pope and the state officials in the Vatican.