Map of Ndaki Menan ('My Land')

Hunting Territories of Timagami band

as described by second Chief of Timagami band Aleck Paul in 01913,
recorded and published by F.G. Speck in 01915

Territories of Timagami Ojibway

Traditional Families and Their Territories

taken from paper by Dr. F.G. Speck : Family Hunting Territories and Social Life of Various Algonkian Bands of the Ottawa Valley. Memoir 70. Ottawa, 1915.

No.8 Kane'jc [Cana-jaynz]
Family Totem:Kingfisher
Families:Home to the Peshabo Family and their descendants
Territory:North-end of Lake Temagami, includes Anima-Nipissing lake and has the Red Squirrel Road passing through it.

No.10 Wabimakwa [Wabi-mukwah]
Family Totem:loon
Families:Home of the Paul, Becker and Friday families
Territory:surrounds the Temagami area , north towards Latchford, east to the Montreal River and its western boundary is the east side of lake Temagami. Most developed of the family territories with the town of Temagami, Highway 11 and a rail-line passing through it.

No.21 Nebane'gwune [Neba-nay-gwun-ay ]
Family Totem:Loon
Families:home of the Paul family
Territory:north from Marten River to Shiningwood Bay on lake Temagami.
Highway 11 runs through area

No.22 Cumca'ckiwe [Shum-shock-way ]
Family Totem:Caribou
Families:home of the Potts family
Territory:From south end of Lake Temagami towards the town of Field

No.23 Caya'gwog'zi [Shock-say ]
Family Totem:Loon
Families:home to the Twain family
Territory:West from Sturgeon River east to Lake Temagami, includes Bear Island

No.24 Wendaban [Wendaban]
Family Totem:Rattlesnake
Families:Home of the Katt family and their descendants
Territory:surrounds Diamond Lake - Lady Evelyn Lake watershed east to Montreal River. Family homesite flooded out by electricity generating company in the 01930s.

No. 25 Aya'nda'ckwe [Ann-day-auck-way ]
Family Totem:Kingfisher
Families:home to the Moore and Turner families
Territory:From Wawiagama Lake to Seagram and Yorston Lake in north

No.26 Kamino'chama [Kamin-noke-kama ]
Family Totem:Caribou
Families:home of the Turner family
Territory:stretches from Dougherty Lake in the south to Stull Lake area in north along the Sturgeon River. eastern boundary is Ishpatina Ridge (highest point of land in Ontario - Height of the Land)

No.27 Ke'Ke'K [Kek-kek ]
Family Totem:Rattlesnake
Families:home of the Katt family
Territory:surrounds Makobe Lake area

No.27a Misa'bi [Misa-bi ]
Family Totem:Beaver
Families:home of Missabie family, passed to them by Ke'Ke'K family though marriage
Territory:north-half area of Obabika Lake , north to Florence Lake

No.28 Koho'je Pi-Ku'djick [Coho-jay Pick-ku-jick]
Family Totem:unknown
Families:various families inhabited territory
Territory:includes Town of Elk Lake, runs south down the Montreal River and south-west to Maple Mountain

No.29 Menitcu'wac [Menitcu'wac]
Family Totem:?
Families:4 families of Matachewan people
Territory:runs north on Montreal River and west to Longpoint Lake

No.30 Djakwunigan [ Jack-wun-a-gan]
Family Totem:Kingfisher
Families:home of the Pearce family.
Territory:begins south at Smoothwater Lake stretching north to Gowganda Lake. Town of Gowganda lies on western border

No.31 Pawagi'dak-we [ Pa-wagi-dock-way]
Family Totem:Kingfisher
Families:home of the Pierce or Pearse family-The Pierces were added to the Matachewan Band list by the federal government to make up for the small number of Indians living there
Territory:stretches from Gowganda Lake north to the West Montreal River. Town of Gowganda lies within boundary

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