April 16th, 2003

Makominising Island

Dear Council Member, Elder and Traditional WorkFAIR Warrior and Co-Ordinator Lawrence, In the light of the Council's volition adopted by Its members in March of 2003 to address homelessness which is caused by illness of alcoholism, illness of street drugs, abuse of prescription drugs, by the means of construction and operation of two houses in North Bay, purification Lodge on Traditional Family Lands on Lake Temagami, and upon my consideration and assessment of the Projects to implement and maintain informational presence and publishing of the Council's documents on the global informational computer network Internet, and the design and construction of the low-cost mobile traditional dwellings for the Lodge, known as yurts, I am informing you of my ongoing efforts and ceaseless commitment to carry out these Projects which will require appropriate funding, where I believe and support you in your recommendations that such funding is available through the co-operation with HRDC Employment Canada of North Bay. I am glad to learn about acknowledgement of Our efforts by a Traditional Pipe Carrier, Elder Larry McLeod, who offered his aid in sponsoring you in your activities and the Facilitator for the Lands for the Province of Ontario Mr. Bob Gray expressed his will to co-operate as a separate Government Entity and as an individual as well. I am looking forward to the co-operation of HRDC Employment Canada and other Entities willing to support the addressing of such crucial for the society and Nation issues. Respectifully, Dmitri Poukhlov, Council Member

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