February 10, 2003
Makominising Island

Seven Clans Lodge


Following the ways of our ancestors and in order to implement our Constitutional right for the self-governence , we, the members of three traditional families of the Lake Temagami lands, agreed to proceed with the management of our lands according to our traditions and beliefs.
Tree people, Water people, Stone people, Wind people and Animal people are helping us to build and maintain the Purification Lodge where wounded souls of humans of all races and nationalities can be revitalized in service to one another and through the traditional teachings of elders witinh our nation and beyond.
The Lodge is to be placed on the traditional family lands with the convinient access to the nearby highway . The final location is to be further agreed upon by family members.
The Lodge will seek to rebuild in the individual a sense of purpose, of strength and of hope. To provide comfort on the spiritual journey and pilgrimage of life.
To help each other is to help ourselves. To provide for each other needs is to discover ones' purpose.

Traditional Clan Family Members