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Original Peoples Work Fair Principles and Traditions
Cross Cultural Alcoholic After Care Councelling Services
Lawrence R. Twain, Traditional WorkFAIR Warrior and Co-Ordinator
workFAIR Warrior

April 27th, 2003
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Alcoholics Anonymous of New York City, New York, USA
Alcoholics Anonymous of Toronto, Canada
His Worship Richard Le Sarge, Senior Native Justice of the Peace, responsible for the Native Justice of the Peace Program in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Tel.#: 1.705.564.7806
Steven Reynolds, Lawyer for the Temagami First Nation, Ottawa, Canada. Tel.#: 1.613.244.4488
Arnie Hakala, reporter for North Bay Nuget, North Bay, Canada. Tel.#: 1.705.472.3200

An original signed copy to both has been given to both Dan Roveda,area manager and Luc Desbiens, programs and services offcier, both employees of the North Bay Human Resources and Development Canada (HRDC) Office, phone # 1-705-472-3700 ext.2039.
and also for the general public to know on this matter.
Copy of this letter has been given to the North Bay Courthouse to the attention of Judge Lebel and Crown Attorney John Holland to let them both know that I, Lawrence R. Twain, am taking every possible step to prevent the sit-in from taking place at HRDC Office of North Bay.
Dan Roveda and Luc Desbiens - I am asking each of you to phone Bob Gray, phonme # 1-705-724-3314 to confirm to Bob Gray that you both are willing to meet with our Council and Bob Gray, Facilitator for the Lands for the Province of Ontario, phone # 1-705-724-3314 and with Barney Batise who does contract work for Aboriginal people in the area of health, phone # 1-705-752-5326. As I have been told by Barney Batise himself he is more than willing to meet with Luc and Dan, Bob Gray, myself and our Council and also with Larry McLeod, A Traditional Pipe Carrier, phone # 1-705-497-7853 who stated to me he will sponsor me in this contract as people are well aware of the area of work I, Lawrence R. Twain, am doing, addressing

Luc and Dan, Bob Gray will provide you both with how we will work together to build our proposed Purification Lodge on our Traditional Family Lands on lake Temagami and two homes for homeless people in North Bay and to build our yurts that will house the employees who will work in the Lodge.
Luc and Dan, please phone Bob Gray as soon as possible , phone 705-724-3314, as Bob Gray will let us know when you both will meet with our Council and Bob Gray and Barney Batise and Larry McLeod on continueing this contract.
This letter will be published on the Internet where people can read it and also our Proposal of Januray 2001:


Luc and Dan, until your phone call to Bob Gray and your willingness , Luc and Dan, to meet with our Council Members and Bob Gray and Larry McLeod and Barney Batise to help us with the employment insurance money to help carry out this present contract please take care and may you both always stay in the good graces of the Great Mystery.

Lawrence R. Twain, 111 Main St. W, Box 20071, North Bay, ON, P1B 9N1, Canada