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North Bay, Ontario, P1B 7K8

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November 11th, 2005

Nancy Adams, Community Legal Worker and

Steward the Lawyer

We are bringing this Proposal to the attention of the Nipissing Community Legal Clinic of North Bay for creating a precedent to create employment and training opportunities based on the Business Concept Assignment that was prepared by Dmitri Poukhlov.

Dmitri and i, Lawrence Twain both agreed to this proposal to be a part of my original Proposal of 300 pages , which is to build our Traditional Purification Lodge  on our traditional family lands on lake Temagami. Dmitri is a member of our Council and his traditional business concept will serve as the precedent to produce living quarters for people who wish to build their own home at a low- cost, affordable housing, temporary or permanent.

i, Lawrence Twain , wish to build  such a dwelling for me with  my proceedings from my two lawsuits , where my traditional yurt will be built on our traditional homelands on lake Temagami, where this will serve as a working example of reliable low-cost housing solution.

Dmitri and i, Lawrence Twain , and all of our Council members will officially produce all the necessary typed documentation to produce other dwellings (yurts) based on the first one. i, Lawrence Twain , want it built for myself.

We wish to work with you , Stewart (Lawyer) and Nancy Adams (Community Legal Worker),  to work on building these dwellings (yurts) on our family lands on lake Temagami as separate governing entities.  As we Native people have our own form of Native traditional spiritual political governance to spiritually help all races of people to live a spiritual life of spiritual principles based on our form of traditional governance that is totally separate from  the forms of federal, provincial, municipal and educational governments.

Please make a contact person for Dmitri Poukhlov to work with in Toronto with a Toronto Legal Clinic to work with the North Bay Nipissing Community Legal Clinic on the Business Concept Assignment that was produced by Dmitri Poukhlov and that

i, Lawrence Twain , have accepted to be added to our 300 pages Proposal.

Please write us back on how you both will work as totally separate governing entities from our form of traditional spiritual political politics   to help as separate governing entities to build my dwelling (also known as a yurt) on our traditional family lands on lake Temagami from a part of my proceeds from my present two totally separate lawsuits. Until your reply on how you both will work on our traditional form of Native traditional governance to build my dwelling on my traditional family lands on lake Temagami, and to build other dwellings for those who wish to live in such a dwelling, please do take care and may you both always stay in the good spiritual graces of the Great Mystery .

Yours in spiritual trust,

the Law Hawk

i have spoken.

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Dmitri Poukhlov

#303, 655 Briar Hill ave, Toronto, ON, M6B 1L2 Tel. (416) 789 3462


Elder Sherwood(Woody)  Becker, Bear island, lake Temagami

Elder Tom Friday, Bear island , lake Temagami

Verna Friday, clan mother and an elder , Bear island, lake Temagami

Steve Snake, an elder, Bear island, lake Temagami

Chief Alex Paul and Band Council Band office , Bear island, Temagami First Nation

The North Bay Nugget newspaper reporters

MCTV and W-5 and CanadaAM reporters of North Bay

Ontario Works Workfare Office, North Bay

Corporation of the City of North Bay

Mayor David Miller, city of Toronto and Karen Duffy, Constituency Liaison

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Judge LeBel and Crown Attorney John Holland, North Bay courthouse