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Cross Cultural Alcoholic After Care Councelling Services
Lawrence R. Twain, Traditional WorkFAIR Warrior and Co-Ordinator
workFAIR Warrior

April 25th, 2003
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

To Arnie Hakala, North Bay Nugget Reporter

Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien
Alcoholics Anonymous of New York City, New York, USA
Steven Reynolds, Lawyer for the Temagami First Nation
His Worship Richard Le Sarge, Native Justice of the Peace, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Judge Lebel and John Holland, Crown Attorney, North Bay Courthouse


Lawrence R. Twain

Once sit-in takes place I cannot turn back. Then court proceedings take place. This letter is to let the general public know that a sit-in at the office of the North Bay Human Resources and Development Canada (HRDC) Office willtake place in the near future to bring to the attention of the general public all the reasons why this non-political action will be taking place on my part.

This sit-in will produce political action. Why? Because of the fact when this sit-in takes place then the general public will want to know why this is happening. This morning I talked with Bob Gray, the Facilitator for the Lands for the Province of Ontario , tel. # 705-724-3314,. Bob Gray said I was terminated by Lana Mitchel, tel.# 705-472-1337. Bob Gray said to me that Luc Desbiens, tel.# 705.472.3700 ext.2083, will help to get the Employment Insurance (EI) funds. This action by Luc Desbiens is contrary to this contract. 'Fired' means I don't get EI funds. HRDC is undermining our Proposal of 240 pages completed in January 2001.

Luc Desbiens is bypassing the Law. Luc Desbiens does not want anything to do with our Proposal on addressing homelessness and also all the root causes that causes homelessness, which are

I have witness to confirm this Statement. More information on our Proposal people can find on the Internet:

Pilot Project for Floating Detox & Treatment Centre for Homeless Peoples


This Proposal is proof of what we have been working on to help those people who are suffering from all the root causes that causes homelessness, which are

HRDC of North Bay do not want anything to do with our Proposal. When this sit-in takes place I, Lawrence R. Twain, will write my last letter in public since I will be arrested and put into jail. I will not threaten anyone, not push anyone, not make any 'smart' remarks when the police ask me to leave HRDC Office.

Just please charge me and take me to jail. I will not sign any paper, court papers to get out of jail. The Court will bring out the Truth on this matter. As I have the right to know why HRDC Office refuses to work with all of our Council members to address how our Proposal can help people in need of help.

Lawrence R. Twain