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Scanned books, articles and internet resources on Temagami history, folk-lore, myths and ethnoecology, ethnobotany and traditional ethoecological knowledge.Archive of government documents and acts, scans from books and documents, articles and maps on Native(Aboriginal) history of Indigenous(Original) Peoples, Aboriginal rights, Native Sovereignity, historical documents and maps


NDaki Menan

(My Land)

  • F.Densmore, Chippewa Customs
  • Ojibway (Chippewa) Tales {beaver-tail legends-of-my-people nanabosho.steals.fire tales.of.anishnabek by-canoe-and-moccasin mishomis.book star.maiden}
  • The Manitous. Spiritual Way of the Ojibways.
  • Grace Rainovich. Reading Rock Art
  • Madeline Theriault. Moose to moccasins
  • The Bear Island Trial and The Bear Island Incident. from "Justice In Paradise" by Dr. Bruce Clark
  • Dr. Frank Speck. Alqonquian source book
  • Mors Kochansky. Northern Bush Craft
  • Ray Bradbury. from "Martian Chronicles":
    • JUNE 2001:And the Moon Be Still As Bright. "They knew how to live with nature and get along with nature. They didn't try too hard to be all men and no animal. ..They discovered the secret of life among animals."
      "They stopped where we should have stopped a hundred years ago. I've walked in their cities and I know these people and I'd be glad to call them my ancestors."
      "I've found some underground passages and a place to live you'll never find. I'll withdraw there to live for a few weeks. Until you're off guard."

    • AUGUST 2001:The Settlers.
      "They came because they were afraid or unafraid, because they were happy or unhappy, because they felt like Pilgrims or did not feel like Pilgrims."



Native Sovereignity:

Makominising Anishnabeg
(People of Berry island)

Aboriginal Rights

Bear island Trial

Films & Video Recordings on INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF NORTH AMERICA from York University in Toronto,Ontario
  • Internet resources on old-growth white and red pines at Obabika Lake in Temagami and Wakimika Triangle.

  • cedar


    • The Bear Island Trial and The Bear Island Incident, from "Justice In Paradise" by Dr. Bruce Clark. 1999
    • Frank Speck.Family Hunting Territories and Social Life of Various Algonkian Bands of the Ottawa Valley. Memoir 70. Ottawa, 1915.
      Scanned from microfilm at York University in Toronto.
      800x600 pixels resolution.

      Map of Hunting Territories of Timagami band
    • Frank Speck.Myths and Folk-lore of the Timiskaming Algonquin and Timagami Ojibwa. Memoir 71. Ottawa, 1915.
      Scanned from microfilm at York University in Toronto.
      800x600 pixels resolution.

      Temagami Tales in HTML
    • Frank Speck.Articles.
      Scanned from microfilm at York University in Toronto.
      800x600 pixels resolution.

      • The Family Hunting Band as the Basis of Algonkian Social Organization.
        • "The family hunting group is a kinship group composed of folks united by blood or marriage, having the right to hunt, trap and fish in a certain inherited district bounded by some rivers, lakes or other natural landmarks."
        • "The districts among Algonkian seem to average between two and four hundred square miles to each family in the main habitat, while on the tribal frontiers they may average from two to four times as large."
        • "The testimony of an Ojibwa chief Aleck Paul at lake Temagami, Ontario, is interesting because it gives us a fisrt hand translation of the actual statement of an Indian authority himself."
        • "The Timagami people .. had maintained the hunting territory system up to the present.. There are fourteen families that form the group... the Timagami event went so far as to divide their districts into quarters, each year the family hunting in a different quarter in rotation."
        • "The Timagami called one of these territories nda'k'im, 'my land'".

      • Game Totems among the Northeastern Algonkians.
        • "The animals with which the families claim their associations are the animals with which these same families prey upon, obtaining their flesh and hides for substistence."

      • The Social Structure of the Northern Algonkians.
        • "The possesion of a common hunting district ('my hunting ground','my land', in the native dialects) is a strong bond of union for the family."
        • "The climatic severity of their habitat, causing them great economic difficulties, has necessitated their formation into small biological groups of individuals related by blood or marriage under the direction of some able-bodied elderly leader, a family head."

      • Kinship Terms and the Family Band Among the Northeastern Algonkian.
        • "Timagami Ojibwa who not only are organized on the basis of the family territorial band, but also have the exogamic gentile system."

      • More Algonkian Scapulimancy from the North, and the Hunting Territory Question.
        • "They put upon the fire a certain flat bone of the porcupine; then they look at its color attentively to see if they will hunt these animals with success."
        • "We are becoming more concious of the non-ecclesiastical character of divination as a personal instrumentality of the individual hunter on par in his own esteem with the sharp instruments of the chase by means of which he gains subsistence."

          of marriage outside a class or tribe as required by custom or law.

          a person who is not a member of one's own religion.

          'scapulimancy' - noun,
          divination by cracks in heated caribou shoulder-blades

          'par' - noun,
          Synonyms: EQUIVALENCE, adequation, equality, equatability, equivalency, parity, sameness

          'ecclesiastical' - adj.,
          Of or relating to a church, especially as an organized institution. Appropriate to a church or to use in a church.


    Government of Ontario and Canada

    Legal Documents and Acts

    Recommended Reading

    Please chose Canadian publishers with ancient forest friendly paper commitments :

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