Down with the the P.C. Ontario Government
Down with Negotiations - a Cover-Up for P.C. Government's Native Slayers

Why are we, Bear Island Natives through our hypocrits (elected) T.A.A. and TFN leaders, especially Chiefs (now past) , who are Crown Agents, where they run to Toronto to bring back an White Man's Agenda on Us , they are taught how our Native Leaders to work for their own benefits and the government's to relieve Us through Trickery, Deciet, Scare Tactics, Propaganda and Monthly Bulletins, or so called Newsletters on Us.

We were taught by them: Our Rights, Our Lands, Our Future and Past Generations are Not for Sale. Where are those T.A.A. signs and motos now, hidden ?

Why are we negotiating with a P.C. Government and Past Premier who ordered a Native Slaying!
Makes us look like hypocrits to other Native Bands.

We are also making it all right and legal for that action as being justified in Dudley George's death.

Remember - it was Ed Havrot, P.C. , Ontario Member (Timiskaming Riding) who stated , "We can buy those Natives off with a case of wine and a carton of cigarettes" !

We will never be self-sufficient servant of a White Man Orders!

Look at Williams Treaty Case. The Government, because they could not go in and make the Natives look wrong , they used the Hunters and Anglers Association as interveners in the Court Case to suppress Native Hunting and Fishing Rights.

Here they can't come in so they use this Fictious Native People, called T.A.A. Leaders, who are Crown Agents to do they Government's dirty work on Us, these Leaders are not working for Us.

Why did they make James Bartleman, Leutenant Governor of Ontario to get public and Natives off their image and back, as political move, to make themselves look allright?

More political tactics - and we are given up Our Kids and Future Generations for this so called Phony Negotiations.

Also 'our' T.A.A. lawyers worked for Teck Mining Corporation, Lands Claim Area and Indians. Rule #5 of Ontario Law Society - Law firms "you can not represent both sides of a land dispute". We are really getting shafted here, now and past and also Future.

Take care,


Woody Becker, Whitebear Family.
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Woody Becker,
Bear Island Post Office,
Temagami, ON