Temagami is home to the largest identified continuous stand of Old Growth Pine in the world. The geographical location of Temagami makes these stands highly unique. Temagami is located in the midst of a transitional ecological zone, at the junction of the boreal forests of the north and the mixed hardwood forests of the southern landscape. Renewel in these two ecosystems differs greatly, the hardwood forests tend to renew themselves through natural successional agents such as disease and wind.

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Fire is the primary successive agent in the boreal forest zones, where the environment is created and recreated by fire.

The geological environment makes this an ideal place for Red and White Pine to flourish. Generally through successive agents, the undergrowth is continuously renewed, allowing the ancient pines to thrive. The oldest pines are approximately 400 years old, and seem to reach for the heavens!

These ancient ecosystems exist amidst an extensive network of trails, with over 2,400 km of interconnected canoe routes, the perfect way to explore this spectacular region.

Our wilderness trips will take you into the famous "Wakimika Triangle" or "Blueberry Lake" where you will canoe and camp in one of the largest protected stands of Ancient Old Growth PIne in North America. Prices for Outfitted and Guided Tours can be found on our Outfitting and Adventures service pages.