For Immediate Release,

Bear Island, Lake Temagami, Ontario

At a community meeting held on Bear Island, Wednesday, January 28, 2004, it was publicly announced to the Chief and Council and the people that information has been discovered that verifies the native people of Temagami were adhered to the wrong Treaty (Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1859) during the Bear Island vs. Ontario Court Case of 1984-1991.

The information/documents that, during the case, the Chiefs, Ontario and lawyers deliberately withheld and concealed evidence from the courts and the people, that the Temagamis were involved in a Treaty of 1836 made with England, a treaty that cannot be superseded by Law.

Negotiations with Ontario are therefore tainted and any deals pertaining to the land cannot proceed.

For further information contact Woody Becker Wabi-m'kwa, North American Indian, (705) 237-8695 for messages.