Blue Demon Lodge

Blue Demon Lodge PO Box 7 River Valley Ontario P0H 2C0
Located on Manitou lake in Temagami area, north-eastern Ontario, Blue Demon Lodge is a privately owned business, about 40 km north of River Valley via Hwy 805 , occupies mainland property, sold by TAA (Temagami Anishnabai Association) in a controversal deal, since this land was under Treaty negotiations with the Crown (Federal Government of Canada) and government of province of Ontario and is a part of Traditional Family Lands of Temagami band which never gave consent to such a deal.

Historically, Manitou lake had a bad reputation due to a rock on its shore which looks like a face of evil Manidoo, a bad spirit. Old canoe travelling route, a part of so called Nastwagan (The Nastawgan are the summer and winter trails established by the Temagami Anishnabai over 6000 years ago.), did not have any camp sites on this lake. Currently, there is a large camping site with a road access (highway 805), mysterious Manitou Healing lodge and a few cottages owned by retired non-Native people along its shores. Locals of the area (River Valley, Sturgeon Falls, Field ) speak of Highway 805 as a place 'where crazy people live'. This highway is a remnant of logging activities in the beginning of XX century in the unceded Lands of Temagami Band, which effectively removed about 90% of old growth white and red pines in Temagami area.

Operators of Blue Demon Lodge run a business of bear hunt in unceded hunting territories of Makominising Anishnabeg (People of Bear island, currently known as Temagami First Nation), with many anglers as clients from the United States.
bear hunter in temagami bear hunter in temagami bear hunter in temagami
Bear hunt in one of Temagami's lodges: disrespectful slaughter, compare it to Traditional ceremony for a slain bear.

As a side business Lodge has become a remote outpost for the Temagami Wilderness Center (TWC), then used to be known as an Academy, a special needs residential boarding school, i.e. boot camp for trouble teenagers from USA and Canada, including white, ethnic and Native kids. Naturally, aside from the income based on tapping into resources of Native unceded land, Lodge simply makes additional money off these kids who regard their stay there as a sentence served in a harsh remote canadian wilderness. Some are being administered medication of Ritalin, designed to alter behaviour and consiousness, a drug which is linked to serious health complications.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a genuine brain chemistry disorder that must be treated with drugs to help children. FALSE. This so-called disease is entirely fictitious and has no measurable physiological basis whatsoever. Hyperactivity in children is actually caused primarily by poor nutritional habits (consumption of refined sugars and food coloring) and can be easily corrected in less than two weeks by taking children off all refined carbohydrates and food additives. The ADHD "disease" was invented to sell drugs and boost the power of the highly corrupt psychiatric community, which increasingly "discovers" fictitious diseases and treats them with mind-altering narcotics. To learn more, visit the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. from

"The all-inclusive fee for the five week duration of the Program is $7,500.00 Canadian. It is subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax."
"We sincerely regret financial assistance is not available".

from The Temagami Youth Challenge Program

Operator of Blue Demon Lodge, Mrs. Leeze LeRoque, a former teacher, provides educational program for teenagers who are being sent there for several months in some cases. This 'program' has nothing to offer on Native history in general and Temagami issues are not being discussed at all.

Seems like Madam LaRoque needs to learn more about respect in regards to Leo Paul, an Ojibwa Elder of Temagami First Nation who lives in a small cabin, located within Blue Demon Lodge's so-called 'property'. On few occasions Leo was reminded that his cabin is located on a private property and thus Leo has very few rights about where to set his nets, which visitors to receive and even trying to decide which visitors could stay in Leo's cabin! Leo was born in Temagami and after working as a guide and firewatcher in the land of his ancestors, he lives in his traditional family land and has an inherited right as all Original Peoples do, to be whenever he decides and to continue to live off the land in traditonal ways, which includes passing on the knowledge of the land to whoever wishes to learn. Teenagers who are being 'educated' at Blue Demon Lodge are not being encouraged to visit Leo and listen to his stories and learn from him.

Native tales and legends were critical for survival of both men and their culture and reflect wisdom of ages. As Leo says about Manitou lake: "A spirit lives here. A bad one,". Who would dare to live in a such place in old times, least to put kids there, who need attention and who are being challenged with 'bad influences' of modern 'civilized' way of live, i.e. bad spirits of the past times? Besides traditional knowledge about this location, a modern science discovered that Manitou lake is right at the center of Temagami Magnetic Anomaly, one of the largest in North America.

In essence, Blue Demon Lodge is an example of a colonization outpost in the unceded land , being backed up by colonial system of canadian government and playing its part in the correction of those, who in early age try to question the System and dare to rebel.

evil empire

"The child rebels against law as soon as it is born. Its first utterance is a cry, a protest against the bondage in which it finds itself. This longing for freedom produces the idea of a Being who is absolutely free...
Even hells stand out with this miraculous fact that we are born rebels. And the first fact of life - the inrushing of life itself - against this we rebel and cry out, "No law for us!". As long as we obey the laws we are like machines, and the universe goes on and we cannot break it. Laws, as laws, become man's nature. The first inkling of life on its higher level is in seeing this struggle within us to break the bonds of nature and to be free.

"Freedom, oh, freedom! Freedom, oh, freedom!" is the song of the soul."

Swami Vivekananda.

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Temagami Wilderness Academy is no more: their websites are shut down and property is abandonded.
Blue Demon Lodge is next?


Property of Temagami Wilderness Academy on HWY 11 has been sold.
Blue Demon Lodge is still there, but no more schooling for "trouble" kids. Just as predicted.

Neodim Kollobok,
Temagami, April 2005
Updated in April 2009.