Temagami Magnetic Anomaly

2.7 bln yo rocks smoothed by glaciers
O-bawb-ika lake north

  • The Temagami Anomaly is a buried geological structure that is egg shaped, 12 miles wide and 36 miles long stretching from Lake Wanapitei in the west to Bear (Makominising) island in the east. It is considered to be buried under 1-3 miles of ordinary rock. The anomaly was found by a magnetic survey and a gravity survey.
  • The significance of this anomaly is that "it has striking similarities to the Sudbury Structure", which is one the RICHEST MINING CAMPS IN THE WORLD.
  • Currently several corporations ( Teck Corporation, TresOr Corporation, DeBeers and others ) which specialize in natural resources extraction plan to exploit the rich resources of Temagami rock, including diamonds.

Magnetic map of Temagami Anomaly, one of the largest anomalies in North America

Temagami Magnetic Anomaly Temagami Magnetic Anomaly legend
Magnetic field strength,

Historical Native map and Temagami Anomaly

Temagami Magnetic Anomaly superimposed with Native map


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