Timagami Folk-Lore

Supernatural Creatures

Temagami Sphynx Rock Sphynx


A species of creature which lives in the high remote ledges. They are small and have hair growing all over their bodies. The Indians think they are like monkeys, judging from specimen of the latter they have seen in the picture-books. These dwarf-like creatures have ugly faces and seek to hide them when they meet with people.

A little narrative of a meeting with these creatures is told by some who had been to lake Timiscaming.

The Indians where passing the high ledge of rock a few miles below Haileybury, where the water was very deep and where they had set their nets. They found that somebody had been stealing fish. They proceeded to watch the nets and soon saw three Me`'megwe`'s`i come out astride of an old log for a canoe, using sticks for paddles. The Indians pursued them, the fairies meanwhile hiding their faces. Finally the Indians caught one. Then one Indian said, "Look behind!" When the fairy turned quickly they got a glimpse of how ugly he was. The Indians then took a knife from this fairy and the rest dissappeared, riding their log through the rock wall to the inside, where they could be heard crying, as this was where they lived. The Indians then threw the knife at the rock and it went right through to the inside to its owner.