Adorable, friendly, healthy real Native dogs from
Bear island Indian Reserve in north-eastern Ontario, Canada

Bear island

Bred and Grown on a Reserve by People of
Temagami First Nation


Alaskian malamutes and local Temagami husky dogs

are bred for many generations and used by Bear island Anishnabai as sled and hunting dogs.
  • Very friendly. All unique.
  • Pups are healthy and have necessary vaccinations and registration documents.
  • They are fed with wild meat ( moose, beaver, fish ) to make them strong
  • They LOVE winter and snow!
  • They are the BEST in the Land!

All the Pups
mother dog Gwen's mother dogs


Sherwood Becker and Alice Moore
Sherwood Becker and Alice Moore,
Bear island, Temagami, ON, P0H 2C0

ALL pups find GOOD homes!
All the Pups
Please ask if there is one for you!

Temagami lake from Bear island
Beautiful and powerful lake Temagami -
Teme-Augama ( Deep-Water )

On behalf and with information provided by Bear island dog owners: Sherwood Becker and Alice Moore; Gwen Katt, Dog Control Officer of TFN.
Makominising (Bear) island - Toronto, 2003-2005

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