Nimush, a husky from Bear Island Indian Reserve

Nimush in 2005

lake Temagami, North-Eastern Ontario, Canada

Nimush Nimush at the Camp Nimush in snow
Nimush in winter


  • 'a dog', in local Native dialect of Temagami Ojibwa
  • in Babylonian mythology, the mountain where Utnapishtim's boat beached after the great flood. from
Great Cliff

How Dogs Came to the Indians (Ojibwa Legend)

NimusH The Pup

Nimush the Pup
Nimush the Pup
Nimush the Pup

Nimush The Dog Neodim and Nimush in a boat Nimush The Dog

Neodim and Nimush and a canoe on lake Temagami
Nimush The Dog
Nimush in summer of 2004

Nimush and 8-inch telescope
Nimush and 8" Newtonian telescope on a Dobsonian mount
May of 2003.

Nimush at Ferguson Bay cliffs

Neodim and Nimush in A-frame

Neodim Kollobok.
Lake Temagami - Toronto 2006.
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Running Nimush