Tree Of PEace
 G/D Dmitri
 Bear island, ON
 P0H 1C0
Day 22nd of December 2003,

Dear Chief and Council

I am glad to bring to your attention the documents confirming that my dog Nimush has finally received necessary vaccinations ( Rabbie vaccine is one of them), that ensures that he may no longer compromise the health of community members and their dogs and cats and "is free from infectious,contagious or communicable disease and appears to be in a good condition".

I came to realize reasons and necessity of the efforts community puts into creating and maintaining Rules which apply to all residents of the island. To the best of my understanding, I intend to accept community's decisions and respect your choice.

Therefore it appears to me that I am in the position to ask you to grant me the acceptance of my occasional presence on Bear island where I have friends and which I much enjoyed throught last winter. It was a necessary experience to learn the life in the Land where I am a guest by invitation of my destiny.

Please accept my Season's Greetings,
I hope to hear from you in the New Year.

the documents from Smith Veterinary Hospital enclosed:
  • -Vaccination Certificate,
  • -Health Certificate