G/D Dmitri
 Temagami, ON
 P0H 2H0
email: diman@dreaming.org
Day 12th of April, 2004

Chief and Council, People of Temagami First Nation

I am glad to be able to present you with digital collection of Temagami tales, legends and folk-lore which I collected from various sources (York University library, Toronto Public library, personal communications) ,including the works of Dr. Frank Speck, anthropologist who visited Bear island in beginning of XX century and stories I recorded from people of Temagami First Nation. Please understand that this work is always is progress and new additons may appear from time to time.
Feel free to make copies of this Compact Disc and it is compatible with Microsoft Operating Systems and does require only a moderate personal computer. A hardcopy as addition to your library would be a definite asset.
The collection is supplemented with photographs which I made while travelling throughout Temagami contry and it is available on the Internet:


I am looking forward to hear from you on my last request since I would need to visit Bear island to be able to continue to gather and record oral history of Temagami First Nation.
Should you have any quesions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Respectfully, Dmitri