Myth: Temagami is a pristine wilderness

This is Briggs garbage dump in Temagami

Dump Entrance

Garbage Dump

garbage in Temagami

This is what cottagers, campers and Bear island residents leave behind in a pit.

It is the most popular feeding spot for BEARS.

Most of this waste is still recycable but it is easier just to dump it.

There are many reports on trashed camping sites. Come to Ferguson Bay and see for yourself what Houseboaters leave behind - in springtime it takes TWO FULL BIG GARBAGE BAGS to clean up the best beach in Temagami.

Water quality (for drinking) is a serious issue all around Bear island and North-east arm on lake Temagami because of boats, houseboats, seadoos and barges.

It is not unusual to find broken glass, bear bottles and dirty ass-wiping paper anywhere throughout canoe routes.