The M.K.A. came close to filing a motion in Motion's Court ( General Division). The motion under Rule 59.06 (2)(9) was for an order to set aside the judgement of Steele J. A.G. Ontario vs. Bear island Foundation 1984. The grounds for the motion is to have an order set aside or varied on the grounds of fraud or of facts arising or discovered after it was made may make a motion in the proceeding for the relief claimed.

We will now save that motion to see how the Appeal Court on Dec 8/97 decides on our fate.

If the Appeal Court decides our way, we can use all the new evidence we researched to date in Lands Title Division. If we lose, the the motion (to set aside) comes forth as soon as possible.

Our remaining Elders now know why they weren't asked to testify in the Bear Island case. They would of stated the truth, that the Lands, People and Rights belong to the Algonquin Nation.

At that time, our T.A.A. & T.F.N. Leadership ex Chief Gary Potts betrayed us and breached our trust. He had to have all the power to make any decisions on Land Claims. Mr. Potts, etal, put forward the wrong case history, identify, lands & rights to court. Its clearly evident as we were Algonquins of Temagami in 1978, 79, and had Aboriginal Title since recorded history when we assembled at Lake of Two Mountains. Montreal, we were part of the Seven Nations Confederacy.

Our case hinged on providing Aboriginal Title and an Organized Society in 1763, although we also lost on "Adherence" in a Robinson Huron Treaty in 1850, a Treaty where Our People (Algonquins) should never have been aprt of.

Why would Mr. Potts want to put forward a losing case, an independent Ojibway history. The Ojibw's don't and still don't own the 4,000 sq. miles in question.

The T.A.A. leadership had all our real identity Justice Steele also wondered why no Elders testified, and also why there was no documentation from Fort Temiskaming from 1760 to 1800. He stated they were operating since 1600. No T.A.A. writen or oral documentation, only started in 1976 or 1977!

Even the 4,000 sq. mil Land Claim Map was taken from Algonquin Family Territories (speck, 1913)

The Algonquin Nation boarding on our Lands are wondering why we are letting them away with signing these Algonquin lands as Ojibway Lands!

How long are we going to put up with this corrupt, elected leadership. they cost us Our Aboriginal Title to these Lands. Why? For their own personal gain and image. These are the people working for the Government, not for US!

The Truth will always prevail. Our Elders want their Lands back. They want the chance to say so. We have been betrayed! No more Cover-ups!

Now that the M.K.A. has brought forward our real identity and that we lost our court case intentionally, what are you the people going to do about it? Let them get away with it?

The Bear island Case was a real Farce! These Elders are in support of this letter going to the people! We were sold out as a Nation of People.


Sherwood Becker Sr Family Head (Wabimak'wa)

Thurs Oct. 30/97

Algonquin Nation

Elder KATT (KEK-KEK) Family Madelin Theriault

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