Bear island, Temagami

Temagami - Frauds & Abuses

There always was two Indian Bands in the Temagami area, the Temagami Indian Ojibway Band now the Temagami First Nation.
The Timagami Algonquin Band or Matabitchuan Band, goes back to 1535.

One argument or case was put forward in the Bear island Decision, and the other argument was left in the Lands Title Division (North Bay) also the History of the T.A.A. by Researches (Bishop).

The Bear Island Decision is null & void because of fraud, no adherence because the Temagami Ojibwas signed the Robinson-Huron Treaty, 1850.

Wabi-Kekek (Katt family) the White Hawk signed Sept.9th 1850 schedule #4 of Reserves, also Shaw-won-oss-way (Paul Family) see John Paul, encyclopedia of Native American Healing (Google book) on Birch Island Reserve, and also following document.

The Temagami Ojibwa Band has no claim here, except on Lake Huron, see Aubry White. They gave up all their Rights and interest when they signed the Treaty, no claim, no Negotiations.

They have no choice except to set aside the Bear Island Decision, they put it there.

They are bound by that Treaty- R.H.T.( Robinson-Huron Treaty - N.K.) 1850 signing, they can't use that Band to cede the Algonquin Lands.

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Anthony Rota, MP; Monique Smith, MPP North Bay; Greg Kolz, House of Commons; W-FIVE News; Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Queens Park, Toronto; Negotiating Team For Temagami Land Claim: Ian Robinson (Negotiator), Betty Ann Turner (Administrative Assistant), Victoria Grant (Assitant Negotiator), Chief Alex Paul (TFN), Chief John McKenzie (TAA), Linda McWilliams (Negotiator,Canada); Paul Lamothe, Ottawa Algonquin Negotiation Representative; Chief Joe Katt (TFN).

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